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Greens united in the Port Moody – Coquitlam (PoMoCo) Electoral District

Not left. Not right. Out front for a better life in the Tri-Cities, today and tomorrow.

For every local and national policy decision, we will ask: Does this decision put public interest first, when viewed in both the near term and the long run? Is it fair? Will it make the Tri-Cities and the nation more livable and affordable? Does it make our quality of life sustainable for coming generations? Does it preserve the vitality and serenity of this exceptional place? Is the decision looking out for your needs?

A Fresh Approach

Look ahead.  We all see a world under challenge as changing climate destabilizes
everything from food security to economy and society.

We can position Canada for success if we face facts and act now. 

It’s time to change the debate.  Set aside the tired debate between the extreme left and the rigid right.
Push back against the entrenched interest groups that drive the other parties.
Put more pragmatic, non-partisan problem-solvers at the policy table.

Focus on what’s best for Canadians over the long run, not just for the next election cycle.

It’s time to set new, urgent priorities for Canada.  It’s still early days, of course, for the newly elected Trudeau administration, but thanks in good part to the relentless public attention in Ottawa and across the nation that the Green Party has given to the need for Canada to build a more sustainable economy and brighter future for itself, the new federal administration is taking some sensible initial steps to combat climate change and improve Canadian lives.  But much more needs to be done, and much faster.  Here is a topline of Green priorities that PoMoCo Greens fight for.

1. Modernize our economy.  Get real about the climate threat.
– Invest in industries for sustainable energy (more wind & hydro for BC).
– Go slow on messy fracking, rushing our nation’s fossil fuels off to export, and overheating our planet even more.
– Invest more to make BC’s students among the world’s most competitive.
– Attract more high-paying technology jobs to BC, so we can depend less on BC resource depletion.
– Plan ahead to cushion the worst impacts of climate change (rising seas, shrinking snowpack, forest & farming challenges, and more…).

2.  Empower Canadians.
– Restore proper democratic processes stripped away by the previous administration, Steven Harper’s.
– Reform today’s winner-take-all voting system to achieve true proportional representation, so that everyone’s vote gets a voice.
– Protect your digital rights and personal privacy from invasion by scammers, marketers, & excessive C-51 snooping.
– Elect MPs, MLAs, and municipal officials committed enough to buck their party’s marching orders when these don’t serve your best interests.

3. Govern smarter.
– Assess all policy choices in terms of impact on Canada for the long run, not just for the next election cycle.
– Take a pragmatic, non-partisan approach.  Be less beholden to the entrenched interests on the left and right.
– Spend wisely – it’s the public’s piggy bank, not ours.
– Stop muzzling scientists.  Do more transparent information sharing.
– Understand Canadian needs and interests better – bring back the census.

4. Build the Port Moody-Coquitlam community for the future.
– Preserve the exceptional natural beauty of our locale from excessive development.
– Reduce eco-risks.  Say no thanks to more Kinder Morgan pipelines and explosive oil trains through our backyards.
– Address growing transportation snarls around Burrard Inlet, support rapid transit into Vancouver.

– Secure quality job growth by attracting more clean local industries.
– Warmly welcome newcomers who bring diversity, talent, and innovation to our community & nation.

To learn more about the Green Vision today, check out the national website of the Green Party of Canada!


Meetings – When & Where

Our EDA executive team generally meets once per month, and Green members are always welcome to join us.  Check the Calendar for times and locations.

You can also find our public Green events at Meetup: see Green Team Port Moody-Coquitlam.

Questions? Contact: PoMoCoQuery@GreenParty.ca