Executive Team

Julia St. Pierre IIJULIA ST. PIERRE, Chief Executive Officer

Julia has taken the reins of the EDA and promises to bring a fresh new look. Julia formerly acted as the Volunteer Coordinator during the 2015 election. She was  dynamic and fun Volunteer Organizer and found a wide variety of ways that volunteers can make a real, positive contribution to Green goals and values while having a great time too.   Julia currently works with homeless families at an Emergency Family Shelter, and with refugee claimants at Inland Refugee Society of BC. She holds an Associate of Arts Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from Langara College, and is currently finishing her Bachelors of Arts Degree in Health and Community Services from the University of Victoria. Julia is passionate about housing policy, non-violence, community development, and increasing youth engagement in politics! She owns $50 in bitcoin, recently began divesting away from oil, and switched over to banking with a credit union. She is currently attempting work up the courage to totally give up her car (but, she needs encouragement!).   She is also a Young Green representative for Port Moody-Coquitlam.  She looks forward to meeting you!:   Julia.St.Pierre@GreenParty.ca.

Maurice St. Pierre, Financial Agent


KEITH DUNNE, Membership ChairKeith Dunne EDA portrait (4x5) (3)

Keith is an active father of three little boys with a heart and passion for the natural world. He shares his love of the environment with all those who know him. He is an avid gardener, hiker, mountain biker, and finds his happy place to be with his children and wife in either Tofino or Hawaiin ocean waves. He is also a dedicated communicator and seeks to include all in discussions of sustainable living and conscious lifestyles to better serve our planet. His motto remains “No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.” He is excited to meet and add new members to our team. Please feel free to contact him at Keith.Dunne@GreenParty.ca


 Ian Soutar - headshot

IAN SOUTAR, Communications, Social Media Chair,
Young Greens Co-Chair

Ian represents the PoMoCo Greens and keeps the conversation lively on behalf of Green issues in major social media venues including Twitter, Facebook, and others.  With Julia St. Pierre, Ian also co-chairs the newly formed Young Greens of the TriCities, believing (correctly!) that young voters and green activists are the lifeblood of the Green Party and its vital future.  Son of a forester and a sustainable energy provider, no wonder Ian has gravitated toward the hands-on environmentalist focus of the Green Party. Still in his early twenties, Ian is a world traveler, having spent several years overseas, and during his travels he picked up French, Spanish and Portuguese. New to political activism, Ian is fascinated by our current age, wherein young people have an unprecedented opportunity to re-chart the direction of our government.  He is eagerly seeking fresh ways to tap into that power and raise awareness of the fragile state of our planet. You can reach him directly at Ian.Soutar@GreenParty.ca.


ROD BRINDAMOUR, Regional Liaison, Fundraising, ITRod Brind'amour portrait

Until recently the CEO of our EDA group, Rod now represents the EDA at the regional level, manages the website and leads fund raising efforts. Rod joined the Green Party in 2006 and has been voting green since 2004 and ran as a candidate in 2008. Rod has developed a keen awareness of global issues having lived and worked in various countries in Asia and Europe. At one time a soft Progressive Conservative supporter, he finds the Green Party much more aligned to his passion for a stronger, inclusive democracy and a sustainable economy. He believes government is meant to act on behalf of its people. The economy must be for the benefit of the people not in spite of them. Greener invariably means more sustainable and beneficial. Rod.Brindamour@GreenParty.ca.



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