Burrard Inlet from Pleasantside in Port Moody

Burrard Inlet from Pleasantside in Port Moody


PoMoCo Greens are members of the Green Party of Canada, pursue the party’s principles and platform, and seek the election of Greens to represent Port Moody – Coquitlam in our nation’s Parliament.

Green Principles

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1. A smart economy is a green economy.

2. A community is defined by more than geography.

3. Real citizen power in a true democracy.

4. Budget with a Green Tax Shift.

Why Vote Green?

Though still relatively small, the Greens are the fastest growing party in Canadian politics today, and our electoral clout is mounting.

PoMoCo Greens believe that, whichever parties may dominate the political agenda for the time being, the conversation will always benefit from having Greens in the room, bringing fresh thinking dedicated to the long-term public interest.

A vote for Green candidates is a statement about your far-sighted values and concerns, and it always gets the world’s attention. Look at the state of Canadian affairs and the planet today and you’ll agree: the time for Green pragmatism is now.

PoMoCo Greens. Not left. Not right. Out front for a better life in the Tri-Cities today and a better world tomorrow.

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