Join the 2016 Executive Team for Our EDA!

We’ll Be Electing the Next Leadership Team for PoMoCo at the AGM on March 6


Want to help the local Green Party do more? Great!  At the EDA’s upcoming Annual General Meeting on March 6, consider running (or running again) for one these positions on the executive team.  Help us build support for the Greens in our riding over the next year!


  • CEO:organizes and chairs regular meetings, builds and guides the executive, oversees the operation of the riding association, ensures there is a candidate.


  • Financial Agent: maintains books, makes bank deposits and writes cheques, issues tax receipts, files annual financial report with Elections Canada, informs executive of Elections Act regulations re finances.


  • Membership Chair: maintains membership contact information using the party’s on-line database, plans membership drives and engagement programs, works with Communications Chair to keep members updated.


  • Fundraising Chair: leads executive team in setting goals, planning and executing fundraising initiatives for the EDA/region.


  • Volunteer Chair: recruits volunteers, schedules and organizes activities, and works with Communications Chair to keep volunteers updated.


  • Communications Chair: keeps members updated on EDA and party activities via group emails/newsletters and EDA website blog; manages EDA presence on social media (Twitter, Facebook…); builds relations with local media to drive favorable coverage; helps write leaflets and other party materials; co-manages website content (not the technical side).


  • IT Chair: acts as webmaster for the EDA site, and assists with technical issues that may arise in online/email communications. Requires elementary familiarity with Word Press or willingness to learn.


  • Regional Liaison: represents the EDA at Tricities/regional meetings, helps coordinate cross-EDA collaboration and updating.


  • Young Green Representative: helps build our membership among young voters and serves as EDA liaison to other Young Green groups.


ELIGIBILITY TO VOTE.  All current members may vote at the AGM.  Expired members (lapsed more than 1 year) must renew membership at least 30 days before meeting.   Lapsed members (lapsed within last 12 mos.) can renew their GPC membership online at  or by phone (1-866-868-3447), or at the AGM door.

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